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Thread: Bricked Wii Ios60

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    Unhappy Bricked Wii Ios60

    I accidentally deleted ios60 thinking it was something else now whenever I turn on my wii i just get a black screen.
    I did install preloader and bootmii as boot2.

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    If you had a NAND Dump put the nand dump and the bootmii folder on the root of your sd card, put the sd card onto your wii and turn on your wii and try to restore you nand. That may work.

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    I might have one I don't know, what would the file look like?

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    If you didn't do a nand then load cboot2 instead of your normal bootmii folder and install IOS60.

    You'll find cboot2 in my mediafire under unbricking, click my signature.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    cboot2! it looks like its going to be very handy indeed!

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    it would be a nand file on an sd card.
    If you aint got one, make sure when you repair/ and you will / that you back up your nand (Its like norton goback or system restore on a pc) once you repair your wii!! load bootmii!!! scroll to the right (the forth icon) then select the picture of the wii wrighting to sd. NAND BACKEDUP .make a copy on your p.c and a cdrom or similar!
    If you already know all this then sorry for assuming you didnt!!!

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    Ok I've put the files on my SD card is there anything special I should do to start bootmii?

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    if you have the correct files in the sd your wii will start the bootmii instead of a black screen. just place the sd inside the wii before booting

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    Ok now I'm confused I've done what you guys have said but I still get a black screen.
    What have I done wrong

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    Sorry double post
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