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Thread: Make a copy of a backup wii game disck

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    Make a copy of a backup wii game disck

    If a want to duplicate an allready backuped wii game ill just need to copy the game from dvd unit 1 to dvd unit 2 or i will ned to make an iso to hdd and then to burn it on a blank?If i need to make an iso,what soft to use?It will work with any iso maker or i need to use rawdump?

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    What you need to remember is that if the "backup" copy is a good one, then to all intents and purposes it is the same as an original. There is no reason why you cannot copy direct from one DVD recorder to another as long as the first DVD drive can read and image WII disks. With any burning software usually if you go disk to disk copy, it creates temp files on your hard disk first anyway, creating an ISO simply saves the file. Personally if you have the disk space, I would go ISO every time and keep it for digital backup should anything happen to the original.

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    kool thanks...gonna try it


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