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Thread: Pre Modded WII with wiiky2, game updates? pls help

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    Pre Modded WII with wiiky2, game updates? pls help

    Hi Everyone.

    I have searched and searched and searched, but still confused as hell..

    I recently bought a pre-modded WII with a wiiky2 chip, (uk Pal system) from game world direct.

    The first game I put in was the wii sports that came with it..(own region) but then a freind gave me some backups, and I've never used a wii before so I put the game in and it said the system needs to update etc, so I thought that was normal and let it update, found out the game was NTSC..

    anyway, everything still seems to work fine, and other games which asked for updates also worked fine,

    but now I've just read your not supposed to allow games to update

    I thought having a hardmodded chip in would automatically protect the system sort of thing and I could put anything in?

    now I don't know what to do and scared to try any more games because I read it can brick your console..

    but have already put ntsc games in and let it update. did I just have a lucky escape sort of thing? as my system seems ok.

    games tried so far all worked

    cursed mountin
    mario karts
    mario galaxy

    any info, help, advice would be greatfully appreciated as I'm still totally confused.


    Red M

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    You lucked out because those games (at least the bottom 3 as I've never heard of the top one) are older and would not have replaced your System Menu.

    The Wiikey should have blocked the update though if it was out of region. You might want to download the configuration disc for Wiikey2, load it and check the settings as maybe they are changed to allow all updates.
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    Thanks TealC99

    and thanks for a speedy reply

    I've been panicking over it lol..especially as the wii is half my gf's..and she would go mental if I bricked it.

    I did try and find info but a lot of it seems conflicting and never used a wiii or even a nintendo before for that matter, I didn't have a clue

    I thought being hard moddded it would just be ok sort of thing and the console would automatically protect the system, but it seems you have to stop it wanting to update from out of region?.

    I have resident evil 4 from a mate too, was dying to have a play but too scared to try it lol (ironic eh)

    so is it only games which are newer than the latest FW or mod chip FW installed that you have to watch out for?

    I wil try and find the config software now, I did try downloading from the wiiky website, but starts downloading and then just won't download.

    so are any pal games ok on a pal system? and is it safe to update a pal game if it asks, or is the same situ..

    Thanks Teal


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    Wiikey config disk

    I went to the site to download the config disk, but it seems like a tiny file, yet when I extract it with winrar it says it's 1.45gig.. how can that be, is that right?


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