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    Us Wii Settings

    Ok, So I downloaded a copy of supermario galaxy and ran the 1.9 beta hotfix on my ntsc wii. The game turned out to be a pal version of the game, so I ran in through the region frii program to convert it to ntsc.

    It all works fine but I didn't think before I updated and now I have semi bricked my wii, I can't enter the wii settings

    Its not that big of a deal, I'm more or less worried about the next game with an update.

    Do I get an update with the pal version to keep it going, or should I try an NTSC update to revert it back, and what are the chances of a total brick with this?

    Also I was wondering is there a list of games that are out with firmware udates on them, and do we know the next game that will have an update on it?
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    Question same problem

    tried 1.9b update, and the wiikey disk, opera browser crap, i heard somewhere that big brain academys update fixes semi bricked wii's but it might be a lie, now i can't change sensor bar positions, please help

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    well i tried links crossbow training in mine and when it updated I still have the same problem so as of right now mine is still how it was, i'm still able to play games, but just like you, i can't access settings. It would be nice if there were a SD memory card that could fix this, almost like the pandora battery for the psp, but using the sd memory card instead, anyway if you or anyone else has any info that could help i'd appreciate it


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