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Thread: Help with NeoGamma and IOS

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    Help with NeoGamma and IOS

    Hey, I'm relatively new to hacking wiis, but I would like to think i have a fair understanding of what i am doing, also please know that i have researched this problem and found somewhat similar stories, but with no solution yet.

    I am trying to run NeoGamma R7 to run a backup disc but I'm having a lot of trouble with it. I keep getting error 1101 whenever it tries to read a dvd. At first, my problem was i was running IOS249 rev 10. I upgraded to rev 14, which still resulted in error 1101. Then i researched a bit and discovered that i should try using NeoGamma R6 with IOS249 rev 10. So i went back to rev 10 and installed NeoGamma R6 only to get error 972. Now i am back at IOS249 rev 14 and have both Neogammas on my wii.

    I am on a Macbook Pro, which i read can be a problem, using Disk Utility writing on memorex DVD+Rs, which i read can be a huge problem. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these errors, or with my hardware. Is the burner or DVD the problem or is it the IOS? I am planning on getting some DVD-Rs to work with also, and if need be, run BootCamp on my mac to allow me to run windows, using the dvd writing program that gets recommended so often.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, including if this is in the wrong forum. =P

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    lol it s quite simple, get verbatim DVD-R how did you miss that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by messie View Post
    lol it s quite simple, get verbatim DVD-R how did you miss that?
    Is that the only piece of advice? Because I've seen a lot more than just that, such as the macbook pro burner may be to blame, as well as a faulty cIOS.

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    What messie said is correct, Error 972 is usually caused by a bad iso, low quality DVD or bad burn so just use Verbatim DVD-Rs and burn at 2x. Remember DVD-R is for wii not DVD+R

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    Did you expect sth more fancy? do this simpe thing and if it does not work we can say it wasn't due to the discs. Do you think all these people recommending these DVDs have stocks of Verbatim or sth??

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