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Thread: wiikey first edition question

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    wiikey first edition question

    Hi everyone, I'm new in this world and I'm try to learn how to do everything without asking, but I'm loosing myself in this sea of tutorials about IOS, cIOS, mcIOS, upgrade, downgrade etc!!

    I've a Wii modded with the first version of Wiikey, I never have installed IOS or cIOS (but only upgraded the wiikey with the 19s.pal) and, telling the truth, I don't understand even how to install them (and which of them I have to install!). I learned about what they are, what they do and why I need them.

    I'm trying to understand how to set the wiikey to avoid the automatic upgrade with the games like madworld.

    I'm trying to understand (I have a PAL console since I'm Italian) how to unlock to region free to play the game ONE PIECE UNLIMITED CRUISE 2 that I have original from Japan (it gives me "impossible to read").

    Probably you've already answered all these questions, but I read many tutorials and I really lost mysel in all of them... If you do not want to repeat all again to me, please at least give me the links of the correct tutorials I need!!

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    Legacy Wiikey (v1) Information :: Wiikey :: Wiikey
    thats where you get the update. Download it burn it off and throw into ya wii ans set up. I dont no if it will support the game you want but it supports some. As for updater blocker I dont no if it is on the wii key 1 , but it is on wii key 2. There.s a program starsign or something that stops updates


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