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Thread: Screen Flickers when USB HDD used but not Stick

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    Screen Flickers when USB HDD used but not Stick

    Hi All,

    First post here and total NOOBE.

    Have a soft mod-ed WII with V1.5 USB Loader. Formatted a USB 16 G stick and backed up some of the games (kids wreck the originals all the time). Worked great except :-
    1) USB Stick has to be removed and reinserted every time the USB Loader is used and
    2) I can not work out why the covers don't show when the game is selected.
    I can extract the covers using WBFS for Mac so i know they are in the back ups but the loader is not able to access them for some reason...

    So... I thought to solve problem 1) I would just connect a 80G Seagate drive to the USB port and use that instead (no pulling out and replugging required). Problem is the screen on the TV flickers the whole time the drive is plugged in (works fine but the flickering makes game play difficult). If you pull out the USB from the drive the flickers stop...

    Any Ideas?

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    That's a strange one. Why not try a different loader, such as Usb Loader GX, coverfloader etc. Not sure if it'll make any difference.

    WBFS Manager downloads and stores the covers locally on your computer's hard drive, not generally on your WBFS drive or SD. As far as I recall the basic 1.5 loader didn't download them for me, but it did display them if they were in the right folder. GX, coverfloader has options to download the covers and provide a better experience.
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