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Thread: Texture Hacked N64 Roms On Wii?

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    Texture Hacked N64 Roms On Wii?

    i know you can retexture n64 games on your pc. if you have a wii that plays modded games, could you play a texture hacked n64 game on your wii?

    just a question.

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    there are a lot of n64 games already hacked for the wii. You tryin to do it yourself or havent you found them?

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    they are available as wiiware. emulator does not work so well..

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    Based on what I've read the Wii64 emulator thats in development can play a texture hacked Mario 64 rom on its current build.

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    well i would n't call it play, i d call it "Torture"

    what's a texture hacked rom anyway?

    Edit: got it, you just change the textures... not very impressive tho
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    Torture is a little harsh but at least it can boot games.

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    it s not compared to Project64 tho, which is the best, but for pc

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    Best for PC but apparently extremely hard to recompile for the Wii.


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