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Thread: Guitar Hero 5

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    Guitar Hero 5

    Just bought it today
    i have a softmodded wii v3.2
    its the first hardware version of the wii
    gh5 wont work black screen
    must i upgrade to 4.0
    if so how can i do it w/o damaging my system
    how can i fix this???

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    I have a softmod Wii at 3.2U, no up grade needed to run GH5, works fine on my Wii.

    Search the forum.

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    I try to load GH5 on my Wii softmoded with a 4.2u Homebrewed and all and I just get a black screen...any suggestions?

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    Thats because your missing the ios needed to play the game. Search for ios 56, download it, and then install it and your good to go.
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    There is a tutroial on how to get GH5 working. Are you playing from disc or hard drive?

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    I'm loading from Disk, I've loaded the ISO 56 and ISO 37, I'm also using NeoGamma 7.0

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    This is why I use a mod chip way less of a headache!

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    yeah it would help but the links don't work. they don't link to any files just an FTP that shows files and doesn't show the right files.

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    Do this to get GH5 to run of neogamma

    Go to wad manger
    install IOS56-64-v5146.wad
    then install

    Then go to multi CIOS Installer
    install IOS37 as IOS249

    then go to CIOS installer V7 by Wiigator
    install IOS37 with IOS37 rev7 dip as IOS232

    then go back into CISO installer v7 by wiigator

    Install IOS37 with ISO37 rev7 dip as IOS249

    All done


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