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Thread: japanese chip???

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    Red face japanese chip???


    I am sorry if this has been posted in the wrong place, but I have recently inherited a japanese wii. A friend of a friend does a chipping service, but when I told him the serial number, he said that he can't do japanese wii's.

    Does this mean that they can't be chipped, or they can't be chipped over here?? Or is there someone over here that can do this for me. I assumed it had been modified when I got it, as it came with 40 games, but this is not the case.

    If anyone can let me know if its possible to get someone to do this (I have no technical knowledge at all, so to do it myself would be out of the question.)

    Many thanks

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    Well where the 40 games back up copies of the games or real copy's. If they play you already have a mod chip installed in your Wii.

    Secondly if you don't have a mod chip you can chip it with any chip that would be the same with an american model version. The only differences is the programing on the system to read one type of format. A chip can override it and read any format. Just be carefull of bricking your wii with the wrong kinda software updates.

    Nintendo-Scene Wii Serial Tracker

    Should help you know which chip you will need for your system.

    In closing. Yes find out what board and just order the chip you need. It does not matter if your system is jpn, pal, or USA the chips are the same for all models.
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    thanks. When I put in my serial number, I get
    Japanese Consoles - LJF1 and LJH1
    --Not enough info to provide a valuable estimate--

    my serial number is LJM10156026 if this is any help.

    I'm 99% sure the games are original. They didn't come with cases, but they seem to be the real deal. I have tried a couple of backup copies but they don't seem to work so I assume that it isn't chipped. There was no mention of it being chipped when I got it.

    As I said, I know nothing, so if anyone has any ideas on how to go about this, I would be more than happy to exchange GBP for their work.



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