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Thread: Black and White Shaky Screen

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    Black and White Shaky Screen

    When I try to play game off a USB, my screen goes black and white and goes shaky. Please help.
    Heres a video of the problem.

    Please help.

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    Try playing on a better more up to date modern TV I have the problem on some of my burnt PS2 games. When I play on my really old sony TV it shows exactly like that. But when I use it on my new TV's it doesn't. I think it has to do with the game region. The problem is called flickering I think.

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    It looks like an out of region problem, I would suggest an ISO that matches your Wii. Example: NTSC for a USA Wii, PAL for a Europen Wii. Or learn how to use the settings on your backup loader.


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