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Thread: Wad Manager Help ~

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    Unhappy Wad Manager Help ~

    Hello everyone,

    I really need some help with my Wad Manager.
    I have it installed, and I already installed a bunch
    of stuff with it, such as Neogamma, etc.

    Except it just randomly stopped working.
    I tried to load it up, but it said, ret = 1.

    Anyone know how to fix?

    I have cIOSCorp 3.3 installed.

    Also, im using a 8gb Duracell HDSC card.

    ~ Zore

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    Is your sd card formatted to FAT32?
    Reformatting again could also fix the problem
    Also it could be because you have a SDHC card which isn't really that capatible with homebrew.

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    I found the problem, there was 3 folders in the root, for
    cIOSCorp. I just moved them to my pc, and i renamed "wad"
    to "WAD", it done the trick.

    But thanks anyway .

    ~ Zore


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