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Thread: Upgrade or not???????

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    Question Upgrade or not???????

    ok people ive searched for this answer but still can't find any info
    after buying a new wii as the other one i had was bricked
    i dont know wether to upgrade or not and if i need to?

    i am on 3.3e at the min,have a wasbi dx drive chip installed and running usb loader with no problems at all, ive installed boot me but only as an iso because the new wii cant use the boot2 part of the nand, ive backed up my nand to keep it safe
    all my games are working fine including wii sports resort and guitar hero 5

    im not bothered about the shop channel,internet or other channels
    should i upgrade or not to 4.1e
    this is my first post so be gentle with me!!!
    any help would be great
    thanks and what a fantastic site

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    First post, first answer, you get this:

    you can update no problem with this
    but i d leave it until some game that i can't play or sth i want to do needs it. Also, AFTER (not before) you update, install preloader 0.29 as now you have no brick protection, bootmii ios does nothing

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    you know it amazes me how rude some people are on forums.
    just because of a little punctuation.

    people come here for help.
    not to be put down!!!!!!!
    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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    LOL that's my signature pal dont' get like this. you should try reading ten line sentences with no punctuation... thanks for thanking me for the help by the way.. looks like u are the rude here

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    sorry my mistake thanks for the advice

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    No problem!!! happens a lot!!

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    I had some help from messie and others on the 4.1e update thread,I updated mine to 4.1e and it was basically no different at all, same games that wanted to Sytem Update ,still wanted to update ,so putting 4.1e on made no difference to them,so took mine back to 3.2e and just use Neogamma 7 to play games that want a system update, I updated 4 IOS files that messie suggested, that made a few more games work, without need of system update,but lots of new games that only have 3.4E updates on them, still want to update when your on 4.1E Firmware. I thought being on the latest would have had all the needed updates to play all games, but it doesn't by a long way

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    That may have been a mistake to go from 3.3 to 4.1 then back to 3.2, you may now have a better chance to brick if you do a disc update that includes a firmware update to 3.4. You may want to check out this thread, LOOK HERE, and install IOS50 v4889.wad.

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    I should be safe, I went from 3.2 to 4.1 then back to 3.2 but not using any downgrade method,I used bootmii and put the original nand back on again then manually updated the ios again with wad manager,so hopefully I wiped out anything that was on it.

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    that s not downgrade pal, you can do it, downgrading nowadays is false choice, 4 and 4.1 is just fine

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