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Thread: Black screen when power on wii

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    Black screen when power on wii

    I just got a wasabi dx and installed it and it worked fine. I upgraded the chip with the 2.0 firmware so I could install it as a zero. I tried installing it as a zero (solderless install)and all I got was a black screen on startup. I then tried to reinstall it as a dx and now nothing works. Everytime I power up the wii I get a black screen, even when I unplug the chip and run it with the dvd drive. If I completely unplug the drive and try to run the wii all I get is a black screen as well. I never have done a softmod on my wii. What can I do to fix this or is my wii ruined?

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    it is probably ruined pal... you can't even start it that is bad...


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