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Thread: Creating a nand backup

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    Creating a nand backup

    When I softmodded I thought a back was created but i cant find it on the sd,is there any programmes to create one on a system that has none but has everything installed thanks

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    oh god.... yes, run bootmii and do a nand backup. if your sd has a folder "bootmii" the backup is probably in there. If you don't find it, make one, but if your bootmii is ios, don't even bother

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    Thanks for answering. I think bootmii is iso,as i cant acess bootmii threw homebrew channel and the only bin in the bootmii root is armboot.bin is there no other way to run bootmii to just make a backup

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    if your bootmii is ios it s pretty much useless.. although it should run through hbc... also in bootmii/ios, you need a GC controller to do the backup

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    When i click home on hbc theres no option to enter bootmii,on the sd the only folder thats anything to with bootmii is root SD bootmii with 3files in it armboot.bin,bootmii and ppcboot.elf apart from them there no sign of bootme,i cant acess preloader fine but it cant create a backup from what i've read.

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    you may need to do te bannerbomb again if you don't have bootmii and install it

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    Bootmii should start every time you start your Wii if those 3 files are on your SD card. Sounds to me like you have it installed as boot2 but don't have an SD card that is compatible. Sandisk 2GB work well.
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    Thanks for answering back,already using scandisk 2gig.I could try bannerbomb or would HackMii Inst. v0.3 be better to try if i go that route?My wii is working fine and everything runs like should,just would like a backup
    Done more reading and it seems that most say an if installed threw iso, backup is pretty much useless,is this true?

    Heres screen of whats on my sd and how its laid out

    Hackmii wont allow install saying no vulnerable iso installed
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    i have a question about the nand backup .... Is a nand back up wii specific, or can i use back up from one wii to another? it just basically rewrites the system to a specific setup of ios' ? want to try to fix a old wii that got srcewed up, is it possible?

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    little off topic here but noticed there a channel in wii channels with a ? takes up 15 blocks and has ??? under the big one can i remove this or is it softmod related

    ran s.check too it came back with this

    IOS number "Trucha bug" "Flash access" "Boot2 access" "Usb2.0 IOS tree"

    IOS2505 Enabled Disabled Disabled Enabled
    IOS249 Enabled Disabled Disabled Enabled

    starting to think bootmii never installed and only preloader was put in
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