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Thread: black screen on boot

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    Question black screen on boot

    i installed preloader, usb loader, but now when i boot it up i get nothing, i tried the gamecube controller trick but the wii does nothing it is 3.4u the wii is a month old and i dont want to send it in if somebody could help me that would be great

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    Can you get into preloader by turning your wii on and holding the reset button?

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    no it does nothing at all

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    It sounds like your bricked is the wii new from a shop

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    it was my friends wii so i donno is there neway to fix this even if it has to come apart and be reflashed?

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    no known way for a dead wii... if you can go into preloader then maybe... what did you do anyway? i bet you decided to uninstall ioses...


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