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Thread: Will downgrading allow me to install bootmii as boot2?

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    Will downgrading allow me to install bootmii as boot2?

    Hello everyone,

    As of two days ago, I was a complete newbie, but I have done a lot of reading since. We just got a new Wii - serial # LU11, 3.4U firmware. I ultimately want to use a USB hard drive to boot games, and I think I have somewhat of an understanding what I need to do. I'm using the hackmii installer with bannerbomb exploit to get HBC, DVDx and bootmii on the wii. I currently have installed as IOS, because boot2 was unavailable.

    My question: I have read about how bootmii installed on boot2 provides a nearly-perfect safety net against bricking. Can I downgrade or anything to allow bootmii to install as boot2? Or is boot2 not as big of a deal as I make it out to be? Do I want to downgrade the firmware for any other purpose?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Downgrading wii not allow you to install boot2. Bootmii as boot2 can only be installed if your wii has vulnerable boot1. Meaning wiis made before around September 2008 or so.


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