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Thread: Homebrew not working, upgraded to 4.1 (maybe)

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    Homebrew not working, upgraded to 4.1 (maybe)

    So last night after about 4 hours of work I got Homebrew working on my 2 and a half year old Wii. I needed t do a downgrade to 3.2U and as a soon as I did Wii told me I needed to update, I didn't and kep on working.

    I get the USB Loader working and even copy a few disks to my harddrive. All seems well.

    I ask my wife to not allow the kids to play the Wii because I know they will update it. I should have physically removed the Wii, but my bad, I didn't.

    So I wake up and my youngest is playing the Wii. I check and the Update Required is no longer in the Disk Spot and then I try to run the USB Loader.

    The Homebrew channel still seems to load and can run apps, I tested wiiHack this morning. I start the USB Loader Channel and it hangs. I go back into Homebrew and try to start USB Laoder manually and it hangs.

    So I go into my Wii System and look at the version and it still says 3.2U. If the update happened should it not say 4.0 or 4.1? But if it didn't update how come these stopped working after I went to bed.

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    You could always try TBR

    and install cIOS 38 rev 14 again. Maybe the 'update' removed something.
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