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Thread: Help, I think i just bricked my wii

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    Help, I think i just bricked my wii

    I have a pal wii with Wasabi DX fitted running 3.4E, most of my backups works fine until yesterday when i tried to play The Beatles: Rock Band and the disc didn't run, so i turned off (disable) the update blocker in the Game Cube menu. When i inserted The Beatles RB again, it asked for an update and so i pressed yes. This is a PAL game running on a PAL machine so i thought it is safe to update anyway. But after the update non of my backup games work which was working peviously, (original games still works). Is their anythih i can do to bring it back to life ??

    Warning to all

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    we already know this, you just did not. obviously the update ruined homebrew and stuff. you must reinstall cios249 and hbc if it aint working

    also this is not by any chance a brick

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    hi Messie,
    Thanks for your reply, my my wii was not softmoded, there was no Homebrew,ios, cios etc, just a wasabi dx in it. Can i still use the softmod method to put my wii back in order. Do i need to upgrade my firmware from 3.4e to 4.1e, or do i need to install Homebrew first before update to 4.1 ?

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    if you dont have any homebrew and want to install it, do an upgrade to 4.1, then follow this guide
    it is pretty much safe and will work with 99% of the games


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