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Thread: Config Disc Not Working.

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    Config Disc Not Working.

    (Ive done a little searcing on the site and couldnt find anything)
    I had a wiikey2 installed on to a new drive for me by and the soldering looks perfect. (Yellow sticker)

    I burned the 1.2 cofig/update disc using IMGburn and a DVD-R. When booting up my wii goes to the main menu, and I see the gamecube logo. When starting that the system just gives me a disc read error.

    The wiikey 2 does a quick red/blue flash when disc is inserted and when the system turns on, and its reading original discs without a problem. I hears thats normal. I have already played an original Wii game to set my console to NSTS (USA)

    Im not sure why its failing to install the Config Disc.
    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Some more info would be great. Does it work with any backups?

    If it works with backups and not the config disc that is just weird but it might be a bad burn.

    Also do you have homebew installed. If homebrew is installed and updates are blocked using software then that could also be your problem


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