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Thread: Drivekey stopped working after 6 months

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    Ca Drivekey stopped working after 6 months

    Drivekey: with X4 Diode
    Wii: RVL-001(USA), GC2-D2C2 Drive
    Firmware: 4.1u (Recently updated)
    Softmodding: None, but I have the Homebrew channel from before 4.0u

    My Drivekey has been working perfectly for the past 6 months but it has recently been unable to read any backups. There are only two events that between the time of it working to not working. I've recently moved (Possible vibration or jarring?) and I've recently updated from 4.0u to 4.1u.

    I've opened up my Wii and found no visible damage to the Drivekey.

    My Wii's current functionality is as follows:
    Original DVDs: Working
    Backup Wii DVDs: Not Working
    Backup GC DVDs: Working
    Access to Drivekey menu: Working
    Drivekey menu Save Setting Button: Working after turning the Drivekey off -> saving then on -> saving.
    EDIT-> Drivekey "Auto boot" function also works.
    Backup games are detected by system menu and their image is displayed.

    Any help would be appreciated, and if there is any other information that would be useful, please let me know.

    EDIT: I'll be attempting things that I think might fix it and will post what they are here.
    Reinstalling Drivekey
    ----No effect
    Downgrade to 4.0u using followed by
    ----No effect.
    Installed NeoGamma using
    ----Marginal success, 50% of the games load but run into a load error 2-5 minutes into playing.
    ----These backups worked before so could my drive have become a little worn out and become more sensitive to backups? Originals still run fine.

    I've basically given up on the Drivekey for Wii backups, USB Loader GX seems to be the way to go for everything Wii now. Toss your whole collection onto something the size of 2 game cases, halve loading times, and never have to worry about wearing out your DVD drive... Why didn't Nintendo think of this. I'd like to see this with a solid state HD, awesome gaming system with zero moving parts.

    Anyway, thanks to all who looked over this even if none of you had any suggestions
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