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Thread: Backup Launcher Issue/Remove all hacks

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    Backup Launcher Issue/Remove all hacks

    So I've been trying to make my wii run a Guitar Hero 5 backup. I stumbled upon this: I followed the instructions and everything went smoothly. At first when I tried to launch the game I got error 002 so I patched the ISO with a tutorial I found and the error went away. Unfortunately, the game still doesn't work. When I start the game the screen flashes green for a second and then goes to black and does nothing. I'm pretty sure its not an issue with the DVD because its DVD-R and its burning at x2 speed. I guess this means its a problem with the channel right? I found this other guide: and I wanted to use it but I'm scared something will conflict with the other guide and mess everything up. So I have a few questions.

    1) Is there some way to fix my "screen turns black and does nothing" problem?
    2) Is it safe to try the other tutorial?
    3) Is there some way to just remove all the hacks I've tried and make my wii go back to the way it was before? Just completely reset the software?

    I'm running 4.1 btw.

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    There is a huge GH5 thread and a great guide to make GH5 work, look for it in the forum.

    (hope this doesn't get like WSR....)

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    GH5 is officially the new WSR, at least where new threads are concerned.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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