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Thread: Need help with forwarder

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    Need help with forwarder

    I installed Configurable USB Loader from GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial: Usb Loader and it works beautifully. It says I can also install a forwarder so it shows up as a channel - says to use the Universal Forwarder by Narolez. The instructions for installing the Forwarder seem simple - run WAD Manager and install it as a file. But I'm a noob and trying to learn. WAD Manager loads and I have to choose an IOS. It defaults to 249. Do I leave it at 249? Or do I need to change it to 36, like the other tutorials from WiiHacks I have tried?

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    no, 249 is the default, you use the 36 because you dont have 249, once you get 249 use this

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    I have 249 because of other mods I've already done. So I just leave it set to 249, overwriting my existing 249?

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    set this clear once and for all: the option is not where to place it, but what ios to use to perform the install.. if you search about ioses you will understand the difference. an ios will go to its predefined place

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    Okay. So I'm choosing to use 36 or 249 to perform the install. Still - which do I choose? Does it matter?

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    not really, but everything runs fine with 249, so just select it


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