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Thread: Offline MulticIOS

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    Offline MulticIOS

    I can't seem to initialize the network (although my connection works just fine) while installing MulticIOS in the step 2 of the Guitar Hero 5 process. Does any have or know where to get these files without running MulticIOS in Demo777's guide? I am dying to play this game and will be eternally grateful to anyone that can help.

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    same problem =/

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    Yep, same problem here, anyone know a way around it?

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    you could download cIOScorp 3.4 and copy cIOS37-v3612-v3.4.wad from the CORPv3.4 folder to your wad folder and just install that. All it is is just IOS37 that is trucha bugged and DIP14 patched (so it will run from "legal backups").

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