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Thread: USB Loaders and Alternate dol's...

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    USB Loaders and Alternate dol's...

    So I must admit i am ignorant on why the usb loaders need to use alternate dol files on some games. So i did some research and found the reason why.

    These games load their IOS themselves. For usb loaders this renders these games not playable, because a IOS Reload terminates usb storage, which could only be reinited by the application(the game) and not by the IOS.

    So my question, is there a way you can modify the iso to reinit the usb storage after trying to load the other dol filess? I understand that anyone doing such would have to be well versed in programming and such but is it at least possible? Or would an easier route be to scrub the game from trying to reload an IOS?

    Like i said im not to up to speed on this subject and any input would be wonderful.

    EDIT: I did find the following on USB Loader GX. Does anyone know if this works properly? And how do I load my loader using IOS222?

    The BIG news are that dimok submitted r542 which added the Block IOS Reload
    (who needs alternative dols? )

    Here is what he said:

    *Added Block IOS Reload option to GameSettings (which was in our Loader all the
    time since i implemented 222 and wasn't used lol)

    NOTE: This Block IOS Reload option enables games to work that don't usually work
    due to IOS Reloads. This option works ONLY if you boot your Loader in 222 and
    boot the game in 222/223)


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