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Thread: latest games not playing

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    Unhappy latest games not playing

    hi, hope someone can point me in right direction. my wii was modded about 16 months ago and has been fine, but just lately when ive burned the latest ashes...guitar hero greatest etc, the games are just going to the black screen. i have a fair idea, although i am probaly wrong in wondering that is it perhaps my wii needs updating? can i actually update it, ie wireless connection or through a back up game or an original game. i am scared to do any of the 3 to be honest.........
    or perhaps my software is outdated.. i use:
    wii brickblocker 1.3R2, regionfrii 1.21 and normally clone dvd2 to burn the iso.
    hope someone can help and i apologise if ive posted this in the wrong forum.

    Regards, xxxxxxxx
    ps. its (PAL)
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    your mod is outdated then... search a bit around to find the news

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    i thought i did put commas ,,,,,,,,,,,,, and full stops....................

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    it's my sig, don't take it personally

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    Quote Originally Posted by messie View Post
    it's my sig, don't take it personally
    You should add one to your sig about how annoying WSR threads are

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    oh dear, what a divvy i anyhow xx


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