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Thread: ios60 uninstalled, can wasabi dx+autoboot disc help me?

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    ios60 uninstalled, can wasabi dx+autoboot disc help me?

    dear all,
    when i want to reinstall ios60 lights went off
    so i haven't reinstall ios60 after uninstall it >.<
    so can't go to preloader anymore to install ios60
    my wii is 4.1U right now
    and without boot2 so can't install bootmii
    i forgot whether i installed bootmii as an ios or not
    problem i don't have a GC controller
    so before i buy a wasabi dx i just want to know if that modchip+autoboot disc with wad manager can save my wii?
    or is there another solution to unbrick it
    thanks in advance

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    Well, you are pretty much screwed... if nothing works, not even the banner(a.k.a. FULL brick), you must return it to N for repair... haven't read of anyone unbricking a full brick.. sorry pal.. that's why we insist on ppl reading the guides first...

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    ouch so wasabi dx won't help with autoboot? in this case?

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    black screen is death for the wii... sorry

    unless you can get to preloader by switching on while pressing reset button, even then very little can be done

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    but i'm still hoping that there's a solution to boot into wad manager and install ios60 or how to load wad manager disc
    d**n electric company brick my wii
    i guess i can't go to preloader since preloader use ios60 right?

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    thats right. But you can try


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