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Thread: Won't loads

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    Won't loads

    Hi, i am new to all of this and i have just installed the drivekey mod chip into the wii and have burned 2 games (sports resort and truck racer) both on verb dvd-r.
    Allowed an update to install as it wouldn't even start to load without it and now both of them load to the title screen then the screen goes black and doesn't load. clicked into Wii system setting one and it says V.3.4E so at the minute i am stuck and haven't got a clue what to try next.
    It still plays original games.
    Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    u are unlucky, both games are problematic and tricky to handle....

    also you did not read anything, you shouldn't update from discs

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    Technically you can update if you just use modchips without any danger.

    Sports Resort is tricky, we have to mess around with alternate files to load the WM+ video. This tends to be the case with scrubbed games, I'm unsure whether an untouched full 4.37GB iso would work straight off the disc.

    Have a look around the Wii Sports Resort threads and see if that provides any help, I run it off USB Drive so only used that fix.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Thank you for your reply Messie.
    Please accept my apologies for not using appropriate grammer throughout my thread. I will take this into consideration when making any future posts.
    I did read some threads on other websites before purchasing and installing my Drivekey and understood from those that updates would be ok as I am not running the homebrew channel.
    It was only this morning that I came across this VERY USEFUL website which seems to be full of very helpful and willing members and this is why I chose to join.
    Once again I thank you for your reply and I am currently reading through other threads on this site to try and help me on my way.


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