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    Exclamation People Please Help !


    hope u guys r doin fine.

    yesterday i was playing COD 5 and i had freeze after that i restarted wii and i have a black screen coming up , although i had bootmii installed but , i didnt know i had to back up my nand
    my wiiremotes doesnt work and they dont even turn on the system so i think i have broken bluetooth module.
    and what does this have to do with the blackscreen.

    i have sysmenu 3.3 u.
    bootmii version 1.00
    and i dont know what this means but , boot 1a and boot2v2 are written in the bootmii info,
    and nand fs usage is 32.4 %

    Some people told me i had a broken bt module, so that means if i change it the system will boot fine? or do i have to fix the ios too and since i dont know what happend i think i have use this to upgrade :

    System Menu 4.0 USA (WiiSystemmenu-v417.wad) [Victory] (download torrent) - TPB

    will installing this fix my problem?


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    If you black screened while actually playing then it's more than likely your bluetooth module. You can sort of confirm this if you cannot switch the Wii on using the remote. Do be aware that they can unseat themselves as well as break down.

    The Wii will wait for the bluetooth to enable before completing the boot process, if it doesn't enable then it'll just sit there on a black screen.

    If the module is actually broken or unseated itself then this has little to do with bootmii and updating system menu wads and no matter which IOS you install or remove you'll never have a working Wii.
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    thank you , but i already know how to open my wii but is there a guide on how to change the bt module?


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