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Thread: wii system menu files corrupt

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    wii system menu files corrupt

    Hi all

    Ive just managed to fix the wii I have just semi bricked and i figured i would post so that if anyone else is in the situation they could hopefully get some help from this post instead of trawling all the different posts around the world i had to oh also i had no network connection


    i was installing softmii and it went a bit tits up on the preloader section i loaded up preloader and went to system hacks and I got no system hacks for v450

    this is an easy one to fix Preloader/hacks - WiiBrew just go there find your version and copy and paste the data into your hacks.ini file

    anyway once i had done that i went to system menu and i received

    system menu files corrupt please consult user manual or something to that effect.

    turned off my wii turned it back on and held the reset button to load preloader as obviously now i cant go via homebrew as i cant get to the system menu

    i found loads of people with the same problem so there are a few different causes i guess some people fixed it by installing a ios60patched.wad via wad manager

    other people just reinstalled preloader from the homebrew channel (which you can get to via preloader)

    non of these worked for me

    i tried using the hack remover tool but this did nothing and also all the other stuff like iosdowngrader etc uses network connection

    so if you have tried all of that you will probably have noticed on other sites that the easiest way to get rid of softmii is to update......

    great but i have no network connection to update with plus you cant get to the system menu to get to the update screen

    here is what i did and thankfully it got the wii back to full health (good job coz its not my wii lol)

    download this file

    1/ update_downloaderV3.tar.gz

    2/ extract it to wherever you want

    3/ run prepare.bat

    4/ choose the version you want to update to i was already on 4.1 so i just chose that again as it was the most recent update you have to choose the 3 digit number not the version

    5/ press enter

    6/ various dos windows will fire up just leave it to do its business

    7/ once it has finished a program will load all the files should have a tick next to them. if the systemupdateXXX.wad has a X next to it it should still work mine did

    8/ exit all the programs and then go into the sd folder.

    9/ this is all the programs and files you will need if you have already got a wad manager on your sd card like i did then all i did was copy the systemupdateXXX.wad file to the wad folder on my sd card

    10/ launch the hombrew channel from your preloader

    11/ open your wad manager

    12/ install systemupdate.wad

    13/ your will should reboot to the system menu

    14/ in the disc channel you should see wii update click it then update the system

    15/ hopefully this should be a nice fixed wii console

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    I googled for most of these files and came up empty handed... my wii is currently semi-bricked... I can't get to system menu, HBC, etc. but can load Preloader & Bootmii. I backed up my Wii prior to the brick, but for some reason it says that its for a different Wii.... I'm not entirely sure what to think of that... Any help?

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    first of all don't get rid of bootmii or preloader. Also can you get to your homebrew channel from preloader because this will only work if you can get to a wad manager search google for nsud download you should be able to find it on wiibrew and prob somewhere on here. Then follow the guide for updating above i will do some thinking and see what i can think of to help sorry i can't help more but i'm replying from my phone

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    I cant get into HBC and i dont now how to startup preloader.
    savemii shows me the 4.1(EUR) but should i have a bootdisc or SD card with hbc on it?

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    As luck would have it, your recommendation is essentially what i did.
    1. Copied boot.dol for WAD Manager 1.4 to SD ROOT and renamed to WM 1.4
    2. Downloaded System Menu 3.2U.WAD from NUS and moved to SD:\WAD\
    3. Inserted SD into Wii, loaded Preloader
    4. Installed WM 1.4.dol & loaded.
    5. Installed System Menu 3.2U.WAD

    Amazingly, the process was EXTREMELY EASY! However, there is substantial risk involved with this process. If you have a similar issue, and BootMii's restore function won't work for you, the only other solution would be to pay Nintendo $75 to fix the Wii plus S&H. If you need some more info about the process I used, just lemme know and I'll do what I can.

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    @dewinder it says in the first post how to get to preloader. But anyway hold down the reset button, and then turn the console on keep it held in till the preloader fires up then press down and select to go to the homebrew channel.
    Then search google for "nsud" and download this and do what it tells you to get whichever firmware you want to run. It has to be the firmware your on or higher then put that on the root of your sd card or wad folder make sure you have a wad manager on you sd card. Then reboot pc through preloader and go to hbc and install the wad through your wad manager hopefully this will install then reboot to your system menu. If it does reboot to system menu your disc channel should be showing a wii system update. go to the disc channel and hit update. hey presto done.....

    if it doesnt load to the system menu then i'm beat
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    yeh i was on my phone hence total lack of punctuation but i very rarely bother anyway but just for you ill go over it and punctuate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tealc View Post
    135 words with only 1 full stop. Must be a new record. Messie?
    unfortunately i won;t give him the prize, he lost it by adding spaces between lines!! he was very close though... first three lines could be nominated!!

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    damn me and my spaces i nearly had a prize haha(full stop capital letter) maybe next time


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