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Thread: cIOS38r14 installer wierd error.

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    cIOS38r14 installer wierd error.

    I am coming up with error (ret = -1) everytime i try to install Rev 14. I have searched the threads and Google many times with no luck, any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Try re-formatting your sd card to FAT32 and try using Network installation.

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    copy wad file to the root of sd(not wad dic) and try using wad installation.
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    Is there a way to make your wii format the SD card? That might be the best solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HEROXOOT View Post
    Is there a way to make your wii format the SD card? That might be the best solution.
    I always use the Panasonic SD formatter, LOOK HERE, scroll to bottom of page to download.

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    Ca preloader error

    Hi there, I'm having the same issue for 2 days now, please help! I'm getting desperate here, and I'm a quick learner! I have Trucha Bug, BootMii (as IOS), NAND on homebrew channel. When I get to the end it says: *if getting the ”aborting mission” error, use the “preloaderv0.29-jodi.dol” located at modify\apps\preloaderv0.30r4-phpgeek first, then use this preloader to update from .29 to .30

    That's the error when I try to install preloader. Also if I go into cIOS it gives me an error. I have FAT32 SD card. I need help, please, please, please! I'm in Canada and not sure which Mod Chip my guy installed for me. It was about 1.5 years ago. Thanks! I'm trying to play the new super mario.

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    Load the wad file forwarder first then try the cios 14, I'm sure u'll get some better results. For the formatting an sd card on ur wii that would be nice, but not possible.Well not just yet

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    still no luck! ahhhhh i'm gonna lose my mind! anything else i can do? what should i for sure have on my sd card and in what order? thank u thank u thank u

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    and how am i supposed to -really- set up the files on my sd card for the cIOS and proloader folders? i'm stuck!

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