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Thread: How to use the Autobooting Drivekey/Wasabi DX to Unbrick your Wii

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    How to use the Autobooting Drivekey/Wasabi DX to Unbrick your Wii

    This guide is to explain how to use the autobooting Drivekey/Wasabi DX to unbrick your wii.

    Things Needed
    -An autobooting Drivekey or Wasabi DX, available here
    -A Triwing Screwdriver (Comes with Drivekey and Wasabi DX)
    -A Philips Screwdriver (Comes with Drivekey and Wasabi DX)
    -Ribbon Cable (Comes with DriveKey and Wasabi DX)
    -A Gamecube Controller (Preferably A Nintendo brand Controller)
    -Blank DVDs
    -Autobooting Wad Manager and/or Autobooting Any Region Changer
    -Electrical Tape
    -Clean, Dry Hands

    - If a screw isn't coming out, don't spin your screw driver into it until the head strips.
    - If you see cables, don't put anything sharp close to it.
    - Don't leave your console plugged into a wall outlet.
    - Don't leave your console attached to your TV.
    - Don't leave the sensor bar attached to the Wii.
    - Be organized with your screws. They're tiny. I have no idea where you can get more if you lose them.
    - Don't work on a carpeted surface. Static shock can travel and damage the components.

    STEP 1: Gamecube Port Covers

    Remove these covers by opening them, then lifting up gently. It doesn't take much force to remove these, so go slowly.

    STEP 2: Gamecube Port Plates

    Remove 3 micro Phillips head screws. Take your fingers and pinch the black space between the memory card slots and pull up. The black plate should pop right out.

    STEP 3: Gamecube Port Screws

    Remove 2 Phillips head screws (red) and 2 triwing screws (green)

    STEP 4: Underside Screws

    Find the Wii side with the 4 feet. Remove the 2 rear feet (nearest the back cable ports). Remove 2 white square stickers (near the front disc drive).

    Remove 4 triwing screws.

    STEP 5: Serial Side Battery

    Remove 1 Phillips head screw (red) and lift the battery holder / battery out.

    STEP 5: Serial Side Screw Removal

    Remove the rubber foot on the side opposite the battery holder. Remove 3 white, square stickers. Remove 2 triwing screws (green) and 3 Phillips head screws (red).

    STEP 6: Front Faceplate

    Set the console on it's bottom. Remove the front faceplate by releasing a 2 wire harness. Caution, the wires are very thin and can be damaged if removed too forcefully. Don't use plyers to remove the micro harness, if they slip, they'll tear the wires right out.

    STEP 7: Top Case

    The upper case should lift right off.

    STEP 8: DVD Drive Release

    The DVD Drive's chip controller is on the underside. Remove 4 Phillips head screws (red) to access it.

    STEP 9: Drive Chip Access

    The DVD Drive's chip controller is on the underside. Remove 4 Phillips head screws (red) to access it.
    Flip over the DVD rom drive to locate the drive controller. Caution, the cables that connect the Wii's motherboard to the drive aren't very long. You might not be able to open it completely flat. Use heavy care, especially with the white bundle of cables (next to the flat ribbon cable).

    STEP 10: Set Up Modchip's Region.
    You should see 4 switches on your Wasabi DX labeled: 1, 2, 3 and 4.
    You want to leave 3 and 4 off like this:

    As for 1 and 2 they wii vary depending on your region:





    STEP 11: Installing the Mod Chip
    Unplug the ribbon cable from the slot in the red circled area:

    Plug the unplugged ribbon into the part of the chip that says To Wii Console:

    Plug the ribbon that came with your chip into the slot of the mod chip that goes to the wii's DVD Drive then plug the other end of the ribbon into the slot where you removed the first ribbon cable.

    You should have something like this when finished:

    Using the electrical tape, Cover the top of the chip.

    STEP 12: Re-assemble your console by basically doing the process in reverse.

    STEP 13: Burning the ISO onto disc
    First you will need to unrar the iso by right clicking the .rar file and selecting extract here, depending on what caused the brick, if it was a bad wad you will need wad manager if your system menu is really corrupted you will need Any Region Changer.

    Next, open ImgBurn and select write image file to disc. Open the iso and burn at a low speed on a DVD-R.

    STEP 14: Autobooting the disc
    Insert the disc and plug in your gamecube controller into the 4th gamecube port. make sure to open up your gamecube controller so you can press all four buttons on the d-pad at once (the pad that looks like +)
    Press the power on the wii and quickly press all four directions on the d-pad if you don't understand take a look at this video:

    Wad Manager or Any Region Changer should load. Make sure you have the same wad that bricked you on your sd card. Instead of pressing + to install it press - on the wiimote to uninstall then restart your wii and problem should be solved. If your system menu is still corrupted or was corrupted not because of the wad. Use the Any Region Changer iso with the same method and select a firmware inside your region. Any Region Changer will require an internet connection to work if you didn't have one set up before the brick use wad manager to install the correct IOS and System Menu. If you're not sure what IOS and System Menu Version you need to look here

    This should most likely and probably will fix your bannerbricked wii.

    -Your System Menu IOS must have the trucha bug. System Menus 3.3 and under have this by default. If you followed a tutorial from here properly and you're on 4.0 or up, you'll probably have the trucha bug.
    Credit to e39 for dissasembly tutorial.
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    can i use this method for my bricked wii?
    here's my bricked wii case
    ios60 removed so i can't go to preloader
    can i use this wasabi dx to autobood wad manager disc?
    so i can reinstall ios60
    i need some info before i buy that wasabi dx modchip

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    bonbon - This guide is designed for people with banner bricks, typically those that give an error screen. It's not going to work on uninstalled system menu's as it requries that code to launch the recovery console as seen in the video.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Im hoping that drivekey may fix my wii..I have vers4.0u and preloader installed but it wont load homebrew or anything (goes to black screen) and when I click on system menu I get stuck at the health and safety screen with no option to press A. I cqan do the gamecube controller thing and get 4.0u in the bottom right but it wasnt loading any burned discs.

    Ok got drivekey set to autoboot on another wii...Put in my bricked wii and it still wont load anything..Im stuck until a 4.1 update comes out on a real wii disc.
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    Will this also unbrick my wii ..??
    i was changing 3.5k to 4.0u .
    i dont know something go wrong and my wii is bricked
    it even dont show SAFETY and HEALTH WARNING .
    i use SAVEMII , it show 4.0(kor)
    plz help me

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    Will this unbrick Wii's with banner brick but who weren't trucha patched and don't have any special IOS or cIOS and things like that?
    Edit: I mean, will it autoboot discs who are trucha signed, even on system menu 4.1 on Wiis who don't have any special IOSs and all that stuff?
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    I've seen some people report that this works even if they don't have the bug but that number of people is really small. If you installed a patched IOS60 then that means you would have the trucha bug.

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    I have a drivekey installed and configured to autoboot. I can load a game through savemii but I can't load the autobooting disks. I'm on 4.1U, can someone help me out? Well I can load the UUDv2, but I can't get the thing to read my SD card......

    Please help.

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    Is your sd card formatted to FAT32 and is it a regular SD Card not a SDHC?

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    regular fat32 2Gb SD card.

    Now UUD won't boot for some reason, but I can still run burnt games.....

    ANy ideas why the autobooting disks won't boot?

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