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Thread: IOS56-64-v5146.wad for all need

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    IOS56-64-v5146.wad for all need


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    Thanks MATE!!!

    I search for this IOS and finally found!!

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    Tank you, it's just what i need!

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    Thanks! Off to play Beatles!
    Didnt WORK!
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    To play Rockband: The beatles (which is most likely the Pal version right?) install the Ios above and install Neogamma channel. Here is a link for NeoGamma R7 (which is the one i used to get Rockband The Beatles to work =)

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    Where do I need to put the IOS file on my SD card to install the custom IOS? I'm trying to use custom installer through the homebrew channel.
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    Hmm I installed the IOS556-64-v5146.wad on my 4.1E softmodded Wii. I had patched some IOS's before, to run games like Rock Band + Add ons to use with my Wireless Guitar. It won't sync with the guitar, unless it's runned from the disc channel.

    Now to the "issue", if I run Beatles from the disc channel, it says the typically "Unable to read disc" error, but if I run it through NeoGamma R7, it works, but not syncing mic nor guitar :/ Any ideas ?

    Edit: Nevermind, got it to work, just had to reinstall CIOS Corp. Installer with latest CIOS and that worked like an charm after that, got my wireless Datel Guitar to work and my offical microphone, so now me and the girlfriend are jamming!
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    thanks was just looking for this and you ended that search a lot faster and safer now to use it!

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    pico pal que lo lee

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    do you just use a standard wad installer or do you need a special iso one?

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