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Thread: Wii Multi-Boot Case Cover

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    Wii Multi-Boot Case Cover

    Ok I did not create this cover and I do not want the credit. Though some uploads of Multiboot don't have the cover included. And this has to be one of my favorite covers of all time so I had to upload it for those who don't have it.


    Wii d2b - Transparent Blue ii-Case with LED mod, Offical WiiKey
    NDS Lite - Transparent Green Ghost Case
    XBOX 360 Elite - unmodded for xb live
    XBOX 360 Custom Ferrari Red - iXtream 1.4 firmware

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    I really need a DVD label for this one!!!

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    Where can i find this multiboot pack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LinusZeDeo View Post
    Where can i find this multiboot pack?
    x2 look pretty nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by LinusZeDeo View Post
    Where can i find this multiboot pack?
    google is your friend for this one

    Wiihacks Super Mod / Admin

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    nice what site did u find that case from

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    since this pack is PAL I don't must worry about gettin' it...

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    It is infact multi-region! For some reason the person who put it up named it PAL, but they leave a comment of...

    "A working NTSC rom pack for the Nintendo Wii.

    Contains the following Emulators and Roms for NTSC region Wii Systems:

    NES (772 Roms)

    SNES (744 Roms)

    Sega Master System (268 Roms)

    Sega MegaDrive\Sega Genesis (713 Roms)

    PC Engine\Turbo Grafx 16 (96 Roms)

    Notes: works fine with PAL Wii as well, tested with PAL console and Wiikey."

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    I cant get this game to work
    I have a PAL wii with wiikey. The game boots.... i get some gamecube screen with a button "load game" or something like that.But whateveb button i push , it doesnt do anything....

    Do i need a special controller or something?

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    i really like this case. I have the multi boot iso pack downloading right now.

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