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Thread: IGN Reviews Nintendo Wii Zapper

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    IGN Reviews Nintendo Wii Zapper

    Verdict: Not So Great

    "Our big complaint with the Wii Zapper has always been the fact that Nintendo pursued the tommy gun layout, which is the cause of every one of the Zapper's problems. The biggest of these is the implementation of a plastic trigger in the forward grip that presses against the Wiimote's own B trigger. In use this connection doesn't work well, as the mechanical trigger has a very squishy, imprecise throw that makes it really difficult to tell when the actual button is depressed. The issue is exacerbated in gameplay moments that require rapid shooting, as all too often the trigger doesn't fully extend in between shots, which mean you'll only end up getting about half as many bullets or cross bow bolts out of your weapon as you think you should."

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    Offical Nintendo Wii Zapper Review

    The official Wii Zapper made by Nintendo pictured above

    OK I have to put my own review on this.

    9 out of 10

    The design looks good. Of course this is a nintendo product so I would expect it to have the quality. So it feels really nice in your hand.
    Comes with a Free Video Game (Link's Crossbow Training)
    The game is also a lot of fun.
    Price is only $20.00. So cheap I might by a second because I like this add on so much.

    The Bad's

    The wrist strap can get in the way, they could of easily integrated the strap to hide under the wiimote.
    Could have an attachable arm strap or something, that way you could rest your hands and not have to set the zapper down. (though that's just my opinion)

    Lasting Impression
    Many many great uses for this gun and surprisingly I don't think it will collect dust. Nintendo has made a winner

    Pega's Wii Light Gun Review

    Pega's Very Cheap Wii Light Gun Pictured above

    2.5 out of 10

    The Pro's
    Very cheap and can be found for about $12.00 shipped on "ebay"
    Can sustain impact when you decide to throw it across the room.
    Relocates the plug in port for the num chuk under the handle and out of the way.

    The Bad's
    Very bad design and cheap feeling
    The wii remote barely fits in the slot
    You must remove the wii remote strap completely to use it
    No num chuk attachment so your num chuk is free held

    Lasting Impression
    If you see this gun run run run away. It's a piece of garbage, I used it once and I am so frustrated with it I hid it some ware and hope I never find it.

    Core Gamer's Wii Blaster (not reviewed)

    Pictured above: Wii Blaster made by Core Gamer

    I am gonna probably goto the store tomorrow and decide if I wanna buy a wii blaster. If I do I will also put up a review of it. I know the Wii Blaster is the most popular "3rd Party" Gun add on for the wii remote.
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