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Thread: Banner Brick Help

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    Banner Brick Help

    Ok I banner bricked my wii like a week ago installing Nxy Quest and now it freezes on the heath warning screen the only thing I could get it to do is go to the recovery menu when I pushed all the direction on a gamecube controller. So I bought a modchip to fix it, I got a Wiikey 2 with a solder less clip and installed it. I tired a Wad Manager disc, the Universal Unbrick Disc V2, Nintendo's Offical Wii BackUp Disk v1.31 and Zantzue's Anti-brick Disc and all they would do is spin for a second and stop and the screen would just stay on the one with my firmware version on it. So then I tired a few retail games I only have a couple and all older games like Wii Play & No More Heroes. When I tired them form the recovery menu they would start spinning the screen would go black and continue to spin and nothing would happen. So then I tired a few newer burned games like Little King Story and Domino Rally both games loaded fine from recovery menu and played perfectly. So then I went and tired Super Smash Brothers Brawl my burned DVD9 version would load to a yellowy-white screen that asked me to insert the Smash Bros Disc and when I tried a retail version it just went to a black and kept spinning like the other retail games I tired.

    So Iím just wondering if any one had any suggestions on what I should try next. I have a ntsc wii firmware 3.4 with HBC installed and Iím on ciso 13 and I donít have preloader, starfall, cIOScorp or bootmii installed.

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    I believe you need a modchip that is preprogrammed to autoboot for it to work.

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    Hi im the maker of the UUD and LCUD and i belive that something other will be wrong.My discs are available on the biggest playstation hacking site in the web (dont know if it is allowed to post about other sites)
    Most likely a bad copy or maybe you dont use -R?Its a new or old burner?

    And even with a modchip you CANT boot one of this disc WITHOUT the Rescue menu

    Look @ my vids on youtube:


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