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Thread: is it possible to extract a iso from a burnt wii disc

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    is it possible to extract a iso from a burnt wii disc

    I was given a few games which have already been burnt to discs

    is it possible to extract these iso from the burnt discs as I want to be able to put these on my usb hdd

    is there any wii programs that will let you do this or anyway to do this from a PC??

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    Extracting an iso from a burnt disc using your PC should be possible but since I've only ever used a USB Loader for my Wii games I can't varify whether it'll work or not.

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    USB Loader GX can rip from both the original game disc and some ISO discs to the HDD. Try and see if any will work. Because they are not your burns just make sure your Wii is protected before you insert these discs such as make sure of your region settings.

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    I've had no problems with burned disks so far. I put all my disks on the HD and they all work.

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    good question


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