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Thread: usb loader gx - movie studio party?

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    usb loader gx - movie studio party?

    I cant get movie studio party to load on usb loader gx r707, just getting black screen.

    4.0E wii, REV14.

    Im not a noob, so feel free to get technical. Anyone got any ideas? Cant find anything on google.

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    get latest gx, install ioses 38 55 53... do you have them?

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    yeah all of em mate, still blackscreening.

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    latest usb loader? 717 i think. also does it work with Neogamma r7?

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    R719 yes and works fine in neogamma r7

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    the games not good enough for people to have it lol i think. ill just keep searching

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYCES View Post
    R719 yes and works fine in neogamma r7
    So just load it from neogamma....

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    discs are old technology lol i suppose if im that bothered i will do.

    nice1 anyway

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    what about the usb load from neogamma? can it load from usb? also, did you try the settings inusb loader?

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    never thought of that, ill give it a try


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