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Thread: ColEM (Coleco)

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    ColEM (Coleco)

    Just curious if anyone has been able to get the Coleco Emu to work.

    I've noticed that you need to have coleco.rom to run.. is that:
    ColecoVision BIOS (original) (1982).rom

    I got to get my old school Pepper II on.

    All help is appreciated.

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    No. I've been trying for a while and can't get it to work either.

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    that should be right. you need the colecovision bios rom, unzip it and rename it to coleco.rom, which should go into the same folder (/roms/romscol) as the individual game roms.

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    I renamed that file to coleco.rom

    It worked perfectly. The game took a little bit to load but a little patience and you are playing.

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    I spent 3 days trying to mod my old coleco so that it would have RCA jacks on it so I could play my old games again. Once I found out you could softmod the Wii and have an emulator instead, I packed up the old unit and games and went that route. WAY better. The readme that is in the download should clarify that it needs the coleco.rom and that it is just the coleco bios renamed. I remembered trying to set a coleco emu up on my ps2 and that was the trick as well. The Wii version is a lot better. It just needs a bit of work on the sound.

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    joystick controller?

    what joystick controller is everyone using for the colecovision games running on the wii's emulator?

    using the wii controller is playable, but ease of movement could be improved.

    for example, i enjoy playing Lady Bug but the wii controller's movements could be improved.

    any recommendations?

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    A GC controller works with pretty much everything I've tried (not tried Coleco though). It's direct and fast, no bluetooth delay.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    how did you get this to work I have been trying for weeks to figure this out. do you have a screen shot of what your sd card should look like? Also should the .col files been changed to rom files as well? any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Hi, I too have the coleco bios and i still can not get games to load. I pick one then it just goes back to the blank screen with the blue border. game doesn't load. any help?

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    And the Internet doesn't give any info on this so it's quite frustrating, tired of playing on my PC with the keyboard? lol There a lot of genuises on this site I'm surprised at the lack of supposrt on this matter.

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