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Thread: possible to play WFC games (original) on softmodded wii?

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    possible to play WFC games (original) on softmodded wii?

    First of all sorry if this is in the wrong section im a bit new to this website.

    I recently softmoded my wii (4.0 firmware using bannerbomb and running IOS249 with preloader installed using IOS60). I have the homebrew channel and a few vbackup launchers and VC wads as well. I was wondering if it is safe to play Guitar Hero on WFC after all this is done. My copy of Guitar Hero is original.

    Thank you very much!

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    It is safe to play online if your wii is softmodded once you don't use cheat codes online, nintendo won't know your wii is softmodded and won't ban you from online play.

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    so as long as i dont cheat I sohuld be alright. got it.


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    Hi, am sorry to use this thread to post question but I have a question of a similar nature. After modding my wii, would i still be able to play the original copy of Wii Fit and Wii Sports resort games which comes bundled together with my Wii?

    Will both the game discs asked me to perform auto-system update after I soft modded the wii? Hopefully these are not silly questions as I am still pretty new to this community (juz bought my wii 2 days ago)

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    You can install Preloader, with this you can disable disc-updating.


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