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Thread: LaCie Desktop Hard Disk 1TB Neil Poulton Design %100 Working

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    Us LaCie Desktop Hard Drive 1TB USB WII info:

    LaCie Desktop Hard Drive 1TB Neil Poulton Design with the Wii matching Blue LED. %100 Working with the Wii! I am running the FULL 1T. No Partitions. Formated to FAT32. I am running on an NTSC 3.4U. I formated the Hard Drive again to WBFS with Wannikko's USB Loader 1.5. Now formated to WBFS. I can run many different USB Loaders from Homebrew or by a wii channel/forwarder! I am using The Configurable USB Loader 4.1. with the forwarder channel. I start the application! HD Mounts very fast! The Wii now can smoothly copy and play games, that you own directly to and from the Lacie Hard Drive. Ripping games takes Ruffly 4 minutes a gig! Games are mostly small and copy very fast! Quick booting. Very user friendly. Must use the Left USB port (Closest to the Corner)! IOS38 rev 13 DOSN'T WORK, I updated to Custom IOS249 rev 14. If your not sure what IOS your on, Check on the bottom of the screen in the neo gamma loader, it should say what CIOS your system is using!! This information is not intended for piracy!! Backups are made of the originals, and the originals stored in the loft incase of scratching, fingerprints or other miscellaneous damage. I own a RETAIL COPY of all backups that I have. This information is provided for general discussion of and help with Wii HOMEBREW and Wii hacking!! I posted this up for anyone interested in a bit of my research! If this helps you please send thanks!! If not please do not leave an ignorant comment!! Thank You
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    so what exactly is your issue?

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    I think he's just proud that he got it working, sounds sweet to me.

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    I'm an extreme noob to this and been browsing for the past hours to no avail. I also have a Lacie drive like the one you described here. I'm using a mac. I've partitioned half of the drive to fat32 and have transfered the iso files to that partition. I use configurable usb loader to load the drive and the loader doesn't recognize it! I softmodded my wii using Indiana pwns and i'm using homebrew channel.

    I also would thank any help I can get with transferring the iso files from my mac to the fat32 partition (it doesn't let me).

    Thank you in advance for all the help!


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