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Thread: Opera help

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    Opera help

    A couple of months ago I asked for help with installing opera. I got the link I believe from someone on here and isntalled it. I did this because my wii broke and had to buy a new machine and nintendo would not reinstate my download.
    Well now they are giving it away again and I wanted to download the update but it will not download. It gives an error something liek 202011. I can download other nintendo stuff. I tried deleting the old one but still no go.. anyone have any ideas on how to fix this???

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    check to Dogeggs's signature and visit his library for the OPERA download

    are u having trouble with Wii_Shop, btw?

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    thanks for the reply but I got it figured out. I deleted it using the wii menu channell remover but I went into wad and uninstalled it from there and that deleted the necessary stuff for me to be able to download it again.


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