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Thread: Case Closed: The Mirapolis Investigation

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    Case Closed: The Mirapolis Investigation

    I keep on getting "the game disc could not be read" error when i launch this game ive burned it on a dvd-r patched it to ios 249 and removed the updater patch like i usually do with the other games but I keep getting this error ive tried changing my cios to rev 14 and used neogamma rev 7 but still im getting this error when i try to click the new game button i really want to play this game so please help me thanks in advance

    oh i almost forgot im my wii is ntsc and this game is in pal version but i tried to use the region changer but still i get this error help please

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    What kind of discs are you using. It's bet to use Discs that have G05 dye Like Ridata or Verbatim. Cheapy discs don't work very well because I tried 3 different DVD-R's on wii games. keep in mind that neo gamma isn't perfect either. Zack n wiki doesn't work with neo gamma because I get the same error. use different discs or simply wait until a new version of neo gamma is released. That's all I can suggest, If someone has a better one,may they speak.


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