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Thread: problem with getting COD 3 to run off a wbfs drive

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    problem with getting COD 3 to run off a wbfs drive

    I downloaded call of duty 3 the other day and put it onto my usb hdd

    I tried to load it with coverfloader & USB loader, the game loads and brings up the game menu, but as soon as you go to start a new game it wont load..

    I read on here in a thread to use ios patcher and to patch to 249 which i did, i burnt this to cd and the game loads fine and you can run around and shoot people

    anyone got any ideas on how to get this to work to run off my HDD

    im running menu 3.4e, cios36 rev 10 etc...
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    This is the second time you have made a thread for this and i'm going to tell you this again, Not all games work 100% with softmods. You should always find a site with a compatibility matrix to check if it's your hard drive or wii or the game. In this case the problem is the game.

    USB Loader v1.x Game Compatibility - WikiTemp

    Even if you dont have usb loader v1.X this will give you a hint.

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    lol your hack is old you need to update it wiiman


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