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Thread: rockband 1/2 wii 4.0u problems.. pls help

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    rockband 1/2 wii 4.0u problems.. pls help

    hi guys
    so i have this korean wii, modded to 4.0u
    it has softchip launcher r99
    neogamma backup launcher
    usb loader
    the only ios that works in softchip is the 249 the others always end up in read error, or something like that
    i think what i have is cios 36, not sure (how do i check?)
    anyway, i cant connect any of the instruments to the backups, i notice that the blue light on the usb dongle always turns off when i enter the launchers
    but the original copy of rockband 2 (bonus tracks) is able to use the instruments (i first load through softchip to avoid update, then reset via the home button, then it automatically loads the cd without going through wii menu)
    i also tried installing IOS37 with IOS36 rev7 dip as IOS249 through multi cios installer 0.24 in HBC
    but it always ends up in temporary buffer allocation error
    so what do i do? haha, im really excited to finally play rockband
    what programs do i need? what steps do i take? help would be greatly appreciated!

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    im really excited to start playing rb 1 and 2.. but all i can play is the bonus tracks cd of rockband 2, which isnt a backup...

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    You almost got it right. Do what you tried but instead of installing the cios37 as ios249, install as ios232 and then install softchip as ios232. It will work then.

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    how do i install softchip as ios232? will the other gmes still work?


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