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Thread: Updated Official Internet Channel (Free)

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    Updated Official Internet Channel (Free Again)

    A new update was released today for Download '0' Wii Points. Kinda like it was when the browser was first released and Nintendo was promoting it. Also for Shop Channel shoppers that did purchase it at 500 points get a free download VC NES game of choice at that value starting at the end of October whatever the message said.
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    Nintendo' most inspired core game titles are stuck overseas. Nintendo Of America sux when it comes to the localization of these game titles as they court with their new found casual gamer/soccer mom audience this console generation. Thus indirectly promoting the growth of Homebrewing & basically telling their core audience if they want it, mod chip or Homebrew it. Thanks Nintendo! My Wii and its functionalities have never felt more complete than when I took my first sip of the Brew. - Brewaholic


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