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Thread: Semi Brick (Installed IOS60 patch after Pre-loader)

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    Semi Brick (Installed IOS60 patch after Pre-loader)

    So yeah as it says semi-brick cause after I I installed IOS60 patch after intalling Pre-Loader, i am running 4.1U menu, I get file system corrupted.

    When I go back to pre-loader on boot and in the settings change from IOS 60 to IOS36 all boots backs to wii menu fine but i think this caused other issues cause Back-Up Loader or SoftChip R99 = No worky

    So I got's some bugs that need some purging love any suggestion?

    Many Thanks in Advance fro the help

    PS- Currently My wii using any region Changer is set to Japan it is NTSC Wii I can play Import JP games right from the wii disc Monster Hunter 3 channel but cant use the back up

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    I have the same problem, I'm not sure what's going on I think during the preloader install I saw it say "patching ios60" so maybe that's what's going on but I don't know. Would really like help on this as well.

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    Hi guys,

    I had the same problem after the IOS 60 patch and I loaded HBC thru preloader and installed the system files again. Worked perfectly!
    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazza View Post
    Hi guys,

    I had the same problem after the IOS 60 patch and I loaded HBC thru preloader and installed the system files again. Worked perfectly!
    Hope this helps.
    Great! Now, what system files did you install exactly?
    What steps were taken? did you install the wii-system-menu-update-USA-v289-repad them using AnyRegionChanger?

    Clarification would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Medi,

    If you can still access HBC from preloader, download your system files as a wad and put them in wad folder on SD card. Run wad manager and install your system files again.(mine was 4.1E) If you read the forums I think this is a common problem when patching IOS60 as it sometimes corrupts the system files. I dont think it is much to worry about if you have preloder installed. Hope this helps

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    @ Lazza

    Thanks for your reply.

    Here's a little background: i did the softmod and everything went perfectly. Then, i decided to update to 4.1U. after that, i needed to reinstall preloader. I reinstalled it, and had skipped the installation of the ios60patched.wad. after i reinstalled preloader, it didn't reboot after 10 seconds like it was supposed to, so i turned off the wii, and turned it back on.... and the system menu never loaded. Luckily, the preloader did work and i was able to load hbc.

    I did some reading and came up with the solution of just reinstalling the systemfiles.

    I reinstalled the system file again, but then i wanted to have preloader installed (again), as well.
    i know that Preloader gets deleted when you 'update', so i reinstalled it after installing
    the "System menu-NTSC-U-v417.wad" -this time, installing the ios60patched.wad patch beforehand.
    When preloader finished installing, it was supposed to restart, but, just as before, it didn't do anything after 10 seconds.
    So, i shut off the wii and turned it back on.

    And, nothing happened.
    It still won't load to systemmenu, but i can still get into preloader.

    Am i doing something wrong?
    Any suggestions?

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    i didn't use AnyRegionChanger to load the systemmenu -like i was supposed to do.

    so, i went back and used it to install 3.2U. And, like a lot of people, i received the following
    error: Any Region Loader Error 1026.

    Anyways, it was frozen, so i turned it off, and back on again, and lo and behold, it booted!
    So, yeah, the system menu 3.2U is installed!

    Thanks to all for your help.

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    same thing happen to me got system corruputed files. To fix it just press power and reset when turning a wiiso you can to preloader go to wii homebrew channel trough the preloader and reinstall the preloader

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    Ca Semi-Brick on downgraded 3.2u after trying to install Preloader

    So, I semi-bricked somehow again, no biggie, I followed the instructions by loading HBC boot.dol through Preloader then using Wad Manager to install IOS30 then SystemMenu 0.289 (3.2u). Then I installed Preloader and it says "patched IOS60" and then it installs Preloader and then bricks again. Is there an IOS I should be installing first or uninstalling????

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    Just changed IOS in Preloader to IOS 30 and= System Menu is back


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