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Thread: Please Help :(

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    Unhappy Please Help :(

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to these forums, but I have decided to post a questions to ask the community. I wanted to know how i can play back-up games on my wii. Games such as Harvest Moon, etc. My serial number of my wii is LU64. I also already have the Homebrew Channel installed. Also, my wii system menu version. Is 4.0U.

    Can someone please help ?

    Thanks in advance,
    ~ Zore

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    apply Backup_Launcher or SoftChip to play ur backups.

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    Is that something like a modchip,
    because I do not want to apply any modchips to my wii >_>.

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    It is a backup launcher and is a softmod, the answer could have been found by using google.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zore View Post
    Is that something like a modchip,
    because I do not want to apply any modchips to my wii >_>.
    obviously, i didn't offer u a modchip at free

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    #1 Rule for this site is to search and read before posting.......
    Unless your in diapers,Then we will take care of you..

    Don't forget the thanks button...

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    Roflmao, XD.
    Thanks guys ;D.

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    I wanted to know about what version of Cios do I need for
    LU64 and could you give a download link?


    ~ Zore

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    use this link it will tell u all wot to do and were to get stuf.

    ive used bout three times worked fine on all just follow the instructions

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    So that will work for 4.0U, and LU64.

    ~ Zore

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