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Thread: having a problem with Metroid Prime trilogy (half green screen)

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    having a problem with Metroid Prime trilogy (half green screen)

    i downloaded a torrent of the version of metroid prime trilogy with just metroid prime 1 & 2, and i try to load it but when i try and start the game, half of the screen turns green. I tried to look for some solutions but due to the fact that a friend hacked my wii for me, im not really sure what to do to fix it. Can someone explain it to me please in easy to understand details? (i dont wanna sound like an a**hole, but i just wanna play the game)

    btw, i have wii backup launcher gamma 0.3 if it means anything... thanks in advance

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    Same problem here, using Waninkoko's 4.1(U), rev 14, same ISO with just MP1 and 2, read that patching the ISO to use IOS249 would fix the problem...can anyone confirm?

    Same problem with neogamma and backuplauncher gamma

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    I have this problem too

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    This worked for me:

    Although I found that you don't need the Wii Scrubber, in the settings just set it to boot .DOL from DVD, and then you pick the corresponding DOL file to boot directly whichever MP you want to play, bypassing the trilogy menu and automatically booting the game you picked.

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    Are you two using the alternate .dol method in NeoGamma R7? Gamma is outdated and you should use Neogamma R6 or R7, follow the easy way of my guide but since you dont have part three:

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    Thanks for the answers

    I took my .dol from ftpii

    then i renamed and i moved to neogamma folder
    then worked

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    anyone have an idea how to fix the problem for people who use modchips?
    my disc wont load at all and the logo for the disc is a GC one which is odd


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