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Thread: Burned Game Disk Video Quality

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    Burned Game Disk Video Quality

    Hi all. Last night I went out and picked up a spindle of Verbatum DVD-r's, downloaded ImgBurn, got ahold of a Mario Galaxy ISO and promptly started burning at 2x. I had installed a backup loader the night before and I was really excited to try it but wanted to wait till i had the right dvds to burn. Slapped it in the wii and it booted right up. YAY!

    The problem is I noticed allot of squigly rainbow colored (subtle) lines. The Mario Galaxy logo wasnt as crisp as it should be. I poped in my retail copy and.... no lines, crisp logo. Where could the problem lie? Anyone else had these issues?

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    Depends on the ISO. Sometimes scrubbed ISO's can leave data off, video etc. As a check you could take an ISO off your bought disc (usb loader required) and burn onto same type of disc. Best do image burn at x1. Verbatum -R's should be good.
    Hope this helps, good luck

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    Not all games are 100% working as backup discs since they go half the speed as the original to solve this problem people usually use USB Loader but it could be the quality of the iso as well in this case. Try taking a look at this:
    Backup Launcher v3 - WikiTemp

    Look for Super Mario Galaxy and look at the notes:
    Choppy videos, no gameplay probs. Freezes playing final video, game not finished
    But it could be a bad iso

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    Hey, I had a similar problem, try messing around with your backup launchers settings. Try patching the video to the wii setting first, if that doesnt work just experiment with forcing your language and region, and patching your video, this is what I did and about the third try it worked perfectly.

    If that doesnt work try getting a different iso and burning it at 1x or 4x
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    I have been having the same issue. I just hard modded my d2c drive with wii key 2 and wii clip. i have tried 3 backups so far (COD5, Zelda, and dragon sword) and all 3 play perfectly but the video quality SUCKS! I am using cheap "office depot" DVD-r 16x media @2.4x, 4x,and 8x. tried a few copies of each. i am going to try better discs but thought there might be a problem with my mod. any suggestions? also tried metroid trilogy on memorex dl (works great for my 360) and got a bad disc error. i tried changing read speed from 6x to 3x and back again to no avail.

    P.S. sorry for hijacking thread


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